Matias & Marcos Strong - sons

Matias and Marcos came along in 2009 and 2011.  When they're not in school or recovering from their latest injuries, they like to spend their time outdoors, some of their preferred activities include; riding bikes and motorcycles, swimming in nearby rivers and playing with friends.

Rebeca Strong - owner/operator & coordinator


Rebeca is also bilingual as she was born and raised in Bolivia.  Though her parents came down from the States to Bolivia in the 70's as volunteers, (and then just decided to stick around), it's Bolivia that she calls home and the latin culture that she most identifies with.  Bolivia is where she loves to be, you'll know it the instant you meet her.  

​​Chris Strong - owner/operator & guide

​Besides being bilingual, Chris is a transplanted Michigander, who misses home but not the cold winters that he traded in for the warm temperatures of his adoptive home.  A social worker by trade, Chris became caught up in the  dual-sport motorcycle scene and hasn't looked back since.  Besides Bolivia, he has also toured in Mexico and Central America.  When he isn't doing bike maintenance or installing a new mod, he's probably out riding or at least wishing that he was.

Who We Are

​We are a family run business located and licensed in the town of El Torno, Bolivia, under business license number 0000719 and "padron" number 4137.  El Torno has a population of approximately 25,000 inhabitants and is situated along the Piraí River in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, at a distance of 38 kilometers (24 miles) from the departments capital city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.  ​Our home and business is located on a working citrus nursery and orchard, so our guests can pick their own fresh fruit to eat or make juice or sample locally grown coffee.

​​​​Experience Bolivia on two wheels

Hernan Limon - support truck driver & guide 

Hernan has been a close friend of the family practically since the day he was born.  As the support truck driver he plays an integral part in the success of our tours.  Though his English is limited his personality and sense of humor more than makes up for it, he's always a favorite with our guests.