​​​​Experience Bolivia on two wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens if the bike I’m riding breaks down on tour and is unable to be fixed?
A:  We carry tools and parts with us in the support truck to be able to handle most repairs while we’re touring but if we can’t we’ll swap out your bike for the auxiliary bike we carry on the support truck and you’ll be riding again soon.

Q:  I really like the tours but the dates don’t work for me, is there something I can do?
Contact us and let us know what dates work for you and we’ll work to try and build a tour based on those dates.  

Q:  What happens during a tour if I want/need to take a break from riding for a while?
A:  No problem, we’ll load your bike up in the back of the support truck and you can ride along in the support truck until you let us know that you want to ride again.

Q:  I've heard that traveling in Bolivia is unsafe, especially for foreigners, is that really true?
A:  Common sense is key regardless of where you travel, Bolivia is no exception.  Most people that have been to Bolivia would probably say that they felt safe and they would have good reason as Bolivians in general are very outgoing and friendly.  Interestingly, if you ask a Bolivian about crime in general they very well might respond by talking about some of the very places that some of our participants come from.

Q:  I’m not very tall, will I be able to handle one of these bikes?
A:  There are obviously some limits but we are able to lower the height of our bikes by changing to a lowered seat as well as installing lowering links to the suspension, which in most cases is enough.  After making your deposit we will send you an email requesting your height as well as a few other things, so that we can make sure that the bike you’ll be riding is setup properly for you when you arrive.

Q:  I have a special diet, would I be able to maintain that diet while touring in Bolivia?
A:  Let us know about your particular diet in advance and most likely we’ll be able to meet your needs.

Q:  Will I be able to stay in touch with family and friends while on tour?
A:  Very few if any of the places that we stay at don’t have wifi.  

Q:  On the days that we aren’t riding can I take the bike I’m using and do some exploring on my own?
A:  In short, no.  The main issue is that on days that we won’t be riding, usually we’ll be busy with other activities.  Also, we try to utilize our non-riding days to keep up with the maintenance of the bikes.

Q:  What could the temperature be like when I’ll be on tour? 
A:  Like a lot of places these days,
weather in Bolivia can be pretty unpredictable but we’ve picked the months of the year that are best suited to motorcycle touring in Bolivia.

Q:  My riding skills are pretty good, but I don’t have a lot of off-road experience, would I be able to do one of these tours? 
A:  We start off slow in terms of off-road riding and the intensity often builds as we go, meaning you might not start off being a great off-road rider but by the end of the tour you’ll most likely be very competent.  Likewise, we try not to rush, so if you’re still gaining confidence we have time and will be patient, after all it’s good to slow down sometimes to really appreciate all of the scenery that Bolivia has to offer.