​​​​Experience Bolivia on two wheels

a typical traffic jam in Beni, Bolivia

Death Road near La Paz, Bolivia

even llamas get taxi service in the altiplano of Bolivia

Andes to Amazon - (2,300 km./1,400mi.)

July 19 - August 1, 2020


(alternate dates can be arranged per guest/s request)

"On a bike, no one ever asks 'are we there yet?'"


Tour Overview

We start by taking the “old road” to Cochabamba, the culinary capital of Bolivia.  From there, it’s all up hill as we climb up to the “altiplano” before dropping down into the valley, home to the city of La Paz, where we’ll spend the night at the former residence of an ex-president of Bolivia, just a few blocks from the current Presidential Palace.  We then climb up out of the city until we reach “La Cumbre” which sits at an elevation of 4,700 meters/15,500 feet, before turning off on to ‘The Death Road” where we start our decent down towards the jungle below.  We then spend a few days exploring the pampas at an eco-resort near Rurrenabaque.  From there we head across the flood plains towards the city of Trinidad, the capital city of the Beni department, along the way we ferry the bikes across a river.  To cap it off we slow it down a bit as we make our way back home, skirting around the city of Santa Cruz as we go.


Day 1 (Sunday) - Welcome to Santa Cruz!

We’ll personally pick everyone up at the airport and settle you into a hotel in the city.  After dinner we have an informal orientation and prep session and a good night´s sleep.

Day 2 (Monday) - To the Garden of Eden

We take the bikes on a 70km. (40 mile) roundtrip practice run up to the Jardin de las Delicias, a waterfall on the edge of Amboró National Park.  Dirt roads, stream crossings and maybe rapelling down the falls (depending on weather & group size).  Back in town we’ll head up into the hills to our cabins where we’ll spend the night.

Day 3 (Tuesday) - Jumping off day: El Torno to Cochabamba (460km./286mi.)

We leave our country cabins on the hilltop and take the mountain route 450km up to Cochabamba, central Bolivia’s green farming valley.   We’ll maneuver our way up a picturesque older highway with a mix of dirt and pavement riding.

Day 4 (Wednesday) - Cochabamba to La Paz (380km./236mi.)

A Mountain highway will wind us through the Andean valleys up to the Altiplano (high plains), then down into the surprising urban canyon of La Paz, one of Bolivia’s capital cities.

Day 5 (Thursday) - Death road and beyond: La Paz to Caranavi (162km./100mi.)

We climb to the summit pass at an elevation of nearly 3 miles (4,700m/15,500ft.) and then plunge down the infamous “death road” to sub-tropical Caranavi (975m/3,200 ft.) to enjoy a great meal and an evening of relaxation at a comfortable hotel.  Along the way we’ll try our hand at zip-lining high above the valley floors.

Day 6 (Friday) - Caranavi to Rurrenabaque (255km./158mi.)

We drop more elevation today, all the way down to the Amazon jungle at the foot of the Andes.

Day 7 (Saturday) - Exploring the pampas

We get off the bikes for 2 days of exploring the jungle and tropical plains near Santa Rosa.  Some of our activities will include: canoeing, wildlife sightings and lodging at an eco-lodge.

Day 8 (Sunday) - Day 2 in the jungle

We will explore more of the pampas and river wildlife before packing up and heading back to the Rurrenabaque in the afternoon.

Day 9 (Monday) - Ride the ruts: Rurrenabaque to San Ignacio de Moxos (295km./183mi.)

We ride again -- this time through the cattle-rich flood plains of the Beni.  It will be a challenging ride as we attempt to cover a lot of distance following the ruts across the plains, it may even make you wish you were back on “Death Road” again.

Day 10 (Tuesday) - San Ignacio to Trinidad (96km./60mi.)

A much shorter ride today in terms of distance.  One of the highlights will be a ferry crossing… it’s definitely an adventure-rider kind of day!

Day 11 (Wednesday) - Trinidad to San Ramon (368km./229mi.)

We the hit pavement again!  From the Beni flood plains to the red dirt of San Ramon in the department of Santa Cruz, it’s a relaxing day on 2 wheels.

Day 12 (Thursday) - Last day on the road: San Ramon to El Torno (220km./137mi.)

We follow the highway across the fertile plains of Santa Cruz, bypass the city center and reach “home” once again back at our hilltop cabins where our journey began.

Day 13 (Friday) - City Streets of Santa Cruz

We relax the pace today, we’ll pack our bags and say goodbye to our hilltop refuge and head into the city for a day of sight-seeing —last minute souvenir shopping, open markets, swimming and good food are a few of the options.  It’s a decompress day before returning to life as usual.

Day 14 (Saturday) - Departure Day

We’ll take you from the hotel to catch your flight home at the airport.  You’ll want to stretch out your sore backside before you board your flight and flip through your pics as you grin (and groan) thinking of all the fun that was had.  From here it’s time to start planning your next adventure!